What is Pretrial Diversion in Etowah County?

The pretrial diversion program was created over a year ago as a means to deal with the high volume of non-violent offenders pouring through the system. Similar to drug court, pretrial diversion allows first-time offenders who do not exhibit signs of substance abuse or the accompanying charges an opportunity to put their past behind them. The fee to enroll in pretrial diversion is $900 to the District Attorney’s office, which can be made in payments. The Court will typically require court costs be paid as well.

To enroll in pretrial diversion, a defendant must plead guilty to the charges against him or her, but the Court will postpone sentencing, affording the accused to undergo supervision with Etowah County Community Corrections. After six to 12 months of supervision per Community Corrections guidelines, and assuming the defendant has not violated the conditions of the supervision, the Court will dismiss the charges in full.

Pretrial diversion is not for everyone, and only you and your attorney can determine whether it is the right outcome for your case. To discuss pretrial diversion and the typical requirements contact Clark Stewart today for his inside knowledge of the Community Corrections program!

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