How Much is My Case Worth?

This question is the single toughest question to answer as an attorney. Aside from the fact that every case is different, we don’t want to make unfounded promises and did I mention every case is different? – it’s often very difficult to put a dollar amount to an injury. There’s no big book of boo boos (shout out to our parents of Doc McStuffins fans). 

That being said there are several things an experienced personal injury attorney looks at when getting a ball park figure. Not the least of these is your medical bills, future medical needs, lost wages, life expectancy, loss of earning capacity and liability of the other party. 

You can help your attorney by keeping good records, running down witnesses and keeping an open mind about your case. Every case is different. Facts can’t be changed. Witnesses disappear. Insurance policies don’t always cover your losses. But an experienced attorney can maximize your recovery. 

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