Does Your Lawyer Leverage Technology to Win Your Case?

The expanse of technology in our daily lives is staggering these days. With new technology comes new learning curves, and new ways for your attorney to win your case. When choosing a lawyer to represent you on your personal injury, divorce, or even criminal case, make sure you find out how he or she will use the technology available to best serve your interests. For example:

  1. Is your lawyer familiar with social media? As big as Facebook and Twitter have become, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that your future attorney know how to gather information about people, places, and things for your benefit. When you tell your lawyer that your estranged spouse is posting photos with another member of the opposite sex – do they know how to access those photos? If you mention the driver who is suing you in a car accident case is tweeting about his latest bench press max, while claiming in his complaint that he is barely mobile, does your attorney know how to backup that data? These are real examples that we have encountered in the courtroom, and they were opportunities to use social media to win our cases!
  2. Can your lawyer put your cell phone to work for you? Cell phones are becoming the single best method of gathering evidence of unfaithfulness in a divorce proceeding. Text messages, photos, location data, call logs – they all build a very accurate portrait of what your spouse is doing behind your back. But your phone can be your enemy as well. Is your lawyer able to tell you that your cell phone is being monitored without your knowledge? Is your attorney able to back up your spouse’s cell phone data securely in case the other party has it erased remotely? Many divorce cases can be won easily in court with the proper cell phone evidence, and many cases have been saved by safeguarding your private data from the outset.
  3. Does your lawyer know how to properly preserve physical evidence? If you are in a car accident that was not your fault, ask your lawyer if he can accurately depict the accident scene for a jury. With the proper equipment, a tech-savvy attorney can stand in an intersection and capture 360 degrees of photo evidence. 360 degree evidence puts the juror at ground zero and allows them to look around the accident scene, gain depth perception, and detect conditions that could have contributed to the accident much better than a simple one dimensional photograph ever could.

These are just a few of the examples of how attorneys in the know are protecting your rights, and winning your cases by putting technology to work for you. If you feel that technology could benefit your case, then you must make sure that your attorney can utilize that technology. Your attorney’s knowledge, or lack thereof, about today’s gadgets could make or break your case! If you want to know how Stewart & Owens uses technology for our clients’ benefit feel free to contact us today!

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