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DePuy Hip Recall Case Under Investigation

Clark Stewart is now accepting cases for review for a potential lawsuit against DePuy Medical Products, the makers of several types of artificial hips. Thousands of Americans have had hips replaced with metal on metal hips from DePuy. After extensive investigation it has been discovered that these hips routinely grind together and impart metal shavings intoContinue Reading

Slip and Fall Settled against Major Department Store

Clark Stewart and local attorney Michael Beach secured a favorable settlement for their client yesterday at mediation. Due to the negligence of a major local department store their client suffered a slip and fall injury that cost her lost wages, months of physical therapy, and pain and suffering. This case settled after Michael and Clark defeated the defendant’s repeated attemptsContinue Reading

Shooting Into Unoccupied Vehicle Charges Dismissed

Clark Stewart’s client was exonerated on charges of shooting into an unoccupied vehicle and home in Gadsden. After review of the evidence it became apparent that the client could not have been the shooter, and charges against him were dismissed.Continue Reading

Theft of Property 2nd, Burglary 3rd Reduced to Misdemeanors and Deferred Prosecution

Last week Clark Stewart was able to negotiate a plea bargain that would reduce a client’s theft and burglary charges – felonies, down to misdemeanors. Further, the misdemeanors will be dismissed entirely after client’s successful completion of a diversion program. The final result will be no convictions whatsoever on Client’s record.Continue Reading

Divorce: Full Custody Awarded to Father

A father was granted full custody of his minor children after Clark Stewart proved that the mother had been arrested numerous times for felonies and misdemeanors and was currently abusing illicit drugs.Continue Reading

Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substance: All Charges Dismissed

After two and a half years a client is able to return to his home country and see his wife and small children. Client was arrested for Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substance – bath salts in 2011. Even as a U.S. citizen, with pending felonies he was forbidden to leave the United States and headContinue Reading

Breach of Contract – Settlement for Plaintiff

Client retained Stewart & Owens, LLC for insurance company’s refusal to pay a life insurance claim. Review of the claim revealed that the insurer had collected premiums on a contract that was void since 2009. Kristi H. Owens represented the client to a settlement of the entirety of insurance premiums paid plus interest.Continue Reading

Rape 2nd: 12 Months

Client charged with Rape 2nd, sexual intercourse with a victim over 12 but under 16 years of age. Rape 2nd is a class B felony which carries a range of punishment from 2-20 years and a fine up to $30,000. Client pled to 10 years split 12 months to serve. No fine.Continue Reading

7 Counts of Robbery 1st, 3 Counts of Attempted Murder – 25 years

Client charged with seven counts of robbery 1st and three counts of attempted murder in a 2011-12 home invasion and unrelated gas station robbery. With ten prior felonies, the client faced life without parole in prison. Clark Stewart was able to get the changes reduced to robbery 2nd and attempted assault 1st allowing for aContinue Reading

New Legislation Would Create Unprecedented Power for Alabama DAs

The following is a ‘quick and dirty’ summary of the provisions of the pretrial diversion bill which has passed the Senate and is now in the House. This is a 20 page piece of legislation, with many specifics which had to be omitted from the summary in order to keep it short enough to beContinue Reading